Frequently asked questions

Step 1: Download the Intergreatme app off of the IOS/Playstore and complete your identity verification on this app. Step 2: Share this information with us by clicking on share by reference code and type in SENDEDDY. Step 3: Log onto and click on "I can deliver packages". Step 4: Sign yourself up as either and individual or a transporter company Step 5: Contact us to verify your account and start delivery on our platform.
If you have placed a bid on an order that you are no longer interested in doing, please click on the cancel option. This will remove your bid and the client will no longer be able to view your profile or select you.
Sendeddy pays all registered Transporters on the 15th and the 30th of each month. We will soon be releasing special functionality that will allow you draw down your earnings at any point in time.
If you are a registered company and require VAT invoices, you need to sign up as a business and make sure that once you are verified that you click on "Profile" and complete all the necessary information to ensure your invoices are correct.
You can cancel your delivery at any time during the placement process and you will not be held to any original estimates or quotes provided. Once you have made payment and your order is in progress and you wish to cancel, you will be charged a standard 20% cancellation fee. Please note that refunds take place between 1 -7 days.
Our estimate is a standard price calculated on per km and vehicle class rates. Once you submit to bid our vast network of Transporters drive this cost down to below half depending on the day and time. We help negotiate with Transporters to ensure you get the best prices possible.
Once you have signed up a verification email will be sent to the email address you supplied us. Click on the verify button and you will be directed to the Sendeddy page and automatically signed in.
We take payment security as seriously as we take your peace of mind. Once you select a bid/price you will be directed to our payment portal which will have three easy options for you to choose from. 1. Credit Card 2. Instant EFT 3. EFT Drawdown.
Once you submit your delivery request and click on "Go to the bidding room" our network of transporters will be notified and the live bidding process will begin. Only Transporters that match your vehicle size and delivery requirements will be able to submit live bids/quotes. There are on screen notifications that alert you once a new bid is received. The price you see is the TOTAL price you pay including VAT and user service fees.
If you have selected the on-demand option then your order is presumed to be urgent and our system will keep it up for an hour from placement time. If you schedule a delivery for a specific date and time, the system will allow the order to stay up for bids until the day before the order needs to be delivered. The Transporters need sufficient time to organise their drivers and vehicles in cases that require larger shipments and loading and offloading equipment.
We will be bringing live tracking to you soon! In the mean time, we have enabled both you and the Transporter to see each others contact information to ensure you can keep in contact the entire time, offering you complete peace of mind.
For security purposes and to ensure both you and the Transporter are treated fairly during the Sendeddy process we do not allow any edits to be made once the order has been placed. You can however cancel the order and replace it as the system has a memory function which means you will not have to type out all the information again and can easily replace and change what you need to.
When you select a Transporter and make payment you have full access to their profile which contains their verified email address and contact number. You can contact the transporter at any time if you feel there is a problem, however we are always available to assist you from our online chat support and call centre. You can contact us on 0117052856 or
Feedback is a vital part of the Sendeddy and our services. Once your delivery is completed and both the pickup and drop off QR codes have been scanned, you are able to click on "Order History" and rate your transporter out of five. You can rate your transporter based on professionalism, punctuality and overall service. If a transporter receives consecutive negative ratings they will be suspended off the platform and will be placed under review.
As a security measure we require that you contact us directly to change the main email address registered under your account. This is for audit purposes and we have not enabled you do this change in your profile.
To update your password click on "My profile" and select change password. Alternatively, contact our support team and we will assist you.
Our website is mobile and can be accessed through any web browser. Our mobile application is coming soon!
Once the client has made payment and you need to complete the delivery, we do not allow cancellation. However, if you do have a problem and need to cancel based on urgent circumstances, you can contact us telephonically and we will assist you.
We take security seriously and a PDP ensures that you have a clean criminal record. Without a PDP you are still able to register, however, your account will not be activated until you have uploaded yours or your drivers PDP to your profile.
We allow you to manage an entire fleet with our sophisticated software. You can upload as many drivers and vehicles as you'd like.
Once a client has selected you, you are able to see their full details including both the Sender and the Receiver's contact details. We encourage you to contact the client directly.
Transporters need to have a smart phone that is able to run the entire Sendeddy process successfully. Your smart phone must be able to download and open the Barcode and QR scanner app found on the IOS or Playstore.
Comprehensive vehicle insurance as well as goods in transit insurance. As a transporter you are fully liable for the goods in your vehicle until the delivery is complete.
You can contact any insurance provider and request that goods in transit be added to your current insurance policy. Our chosen insurance provider is King Price and you can contact them on 0860 50 50 50.
We recommend that you cover yourself for a minimum of R50 000 goods in transit cover.
Make sure you are using google chrome when accessing our website. We are best suited to this web browser.
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